Low Cost Counselling

We come to visit you in your own home. This means that we are not paying for a room and can keep the cost of the service low.

About Us

We offer low cost counselling hoping that everyone can pick the service that is right for them.

Counselling Can Help

We believe that you are your own expert. We will honour and respect you and we strive to offer empathy, compassion and a nonjudgmental relationship.

Counselling Services

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to talk confidentially with a Counsellor. Counselling can help you explore your feelings about your life at this time or in the past. The Counsellor’s role is to listen and to respond with understanding. We don’t offer advice, make decisions or judgements about your situation; we hope to help you find your way and understand yourself better. We focus on and think about your situation and everything you tell us and will offer you our, thinking and understanding as the session’s progress. We will honour and respect you and strive to offer empathy, compassion and a non-judgmental relationship. We endeavour to bring our professional training and personal experience together to offer a counselling service that allows you to move forward in your life.
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About Us

We are experienced qualified and trainee counsellors with a wide variety of backgrounds. The service is provided by counsellors who are attending well established counselling courses or by qualified counsellors in rooms in Bristol. All counsellors working in the service have been approved to practice by both a trainer and a BACP and NCS accredited counselling supervisors. Our counsellors receive on-going professional supervision which ensures the quality of the counselling is to a high professional standard. Low Cost Counselling Service is being managed by Tina Free, who has over 30 years’ experience of offering counselling services to clients and supervision support to working counsellors. Tina is also an experienced manager and teacher. Several of our counsellors and the agency supervisor are members of BACP. We follow the BACP guidelines and work to their ethical framework. We have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the service, please contact us on: Email: admin@lowcostcounselling.co.uk