How much will it cost?

We hope that everyone that would like to have counselling will be able to access it.

We offer counselling with qualified counsellors rooms in Bristol at £35.00 per session. We work in rooms in Montpelier, BS6 5RB. Staple Hill, BS16 5LP. and St George, BS5 8HZ.

We offer couples counselling by a qualified couple’s counsellor in rooms in St George, BS5 8HZ, the cost is £50.00 per session.

We also offer counselling with a counsellor continuing in their training in your home, this starts at £25 and we have concessionary spaces as well, the minimum we can take per session is £15.00.

When you contact our service we will fill out a referral form with you and will talk with you about what you feel you can pay for the service.

You could pay for the sessions into the LCC bank account before each session or pay the counsellor the agreed amount at the beginning of each session and you will be given a receipt. We ask that you pay for cancelled sessions if you give us less than 3 days’ notice.

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