Home Visiting

If we offer you counselling in your home we are not paying for a room and can keep the cost of the service low. 

There are things to be considered:

Please put your phone on silent as it is hard not to answer a ringing phone.

Please pick a time when you are on your own in the house, but if that is not possible try to see the counsellor in a room were you will not be over heard.

After the session you might need some time to think about the session so if possible it is good to have another few minutes to your self.

If you have pets, please try to put them somewhere in the house were they are happy to wait for you while you speaking with the counsellor.

If you or someone else smokes in the house please clear the smoke from the room before the counsellor comes.

The counsellor will bring water with them and wont need refreshments while at your home with you.

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