Where and Who

We have 3 options for you to choose from:

We offer one to one counselling in your home to adults from 18 years old. The home counselling is with a counsellor continuing in their training, this starts at £25 and we have concessionary spaces as well, the minimum we can take per session is £15.00.

We can offer support to more than one member of a family, each one seen individually by a different counsellor.

We offer counselling with qualified counsellors rooms in Bristol:  Montpelier, BS6 5RB. Staple Hill, BS16 5LP.  St George, BS5 8HZ. The cost is £35.00 per session. We offer counselling to people under 18years old with the qualified counsellors.

We offer couples counselling with a qualified couple’s counsellor in St George, BS5 8HZ, the cost is £50.00 per session.

We offer home counselling in these Bristol post codes BS1, BS2, BS3,BS4,BS5,BS6,BS7,BS8,BS9,BS10,BS11,BS12,BS13,BS14,BS15,BS16,BS30,BS32,BS36,BS37,BS41.

If you want to access the low cost counselling but cannot meet us in your home, it might be possible for you to arraign to see us in a friend or family members home, or in your work place after work. We are happy  to see you in a safe and private environment.

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